Welcome to MoP!

Here at Machines on Paper, we'll analyze the latest developments in AI and offer media commentary with an expert's eye.

Welcome to MoP!

If you're a media person trying to keep up with Artificial Intelligence, or a developer looking for smart ways to use AI in media, welcome home!

Here at Machines on Paper, we'll analyze the latest developments in AI and offer media commentary with an expert's eye. This is NOT an AI hype site – we won't be making wild claims about technology or hawk some useless AI gizmo.

Along with the latest advancements in science and industry, MoP will cover New York industry, like digital advertising, big law, fashion, tech and finance. We'll write about how emerging technology might be used to build a better future, and not just a profitable future for the privileged few.

We know the AI world looks terrifying to a lot of working professionals. At MoP, we'll slow it all down and extract signal from the noise, giving you the insights you need to build the AI revolution into your work. If nothing else, we want to help get you un-freaked-out about this stuff.

About the Authors

We're Bassey Etim and Erica Greene. Bassey does editorial and product, Erica does computer science and ML engineering. We've worked at The New York Times, Etsy, Datadog, CNN, Canopy, yada yada yada.

More important than where we've been is our experience: We've both worked in Machine Learning, and our inspiration comes from building real products at large scales that are practically useful. We aren't thought-fluencers or public intellectuals, just a couple of friends who've had the good fortune to work together at on amazing projects at great companies.

Put simply, we're here to share what we know, and spare you what we don't. Along the way, we're building a community of media and scientific professionals dedicated to ethical, functional and practical AI.

What do Bassey and Erica do now?

We're kinda consultants now, I guess? People hire us to figure out the thorniest problems in media and technology. From AI to community management, corporate strategy, content direction, policy and ethical technology, we are here to help.

Bassey is a New York Times trained editor with a history of successful R&D products under his belt and also a Sci-fi fiction podcast called Karen 1%. Erica has a Master's in computer science and is an engineering leader with a deep background in machine learning.

Bassey handles the Paper, Erica runs the Machines.

Help us out with this!

We've got a newsletter, of course, and you should definitely sign up for that. This may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to help us is to let us help you. If you've got any burning questions about AI and media, please feel free to reach out and ask!

We are also extremely interested in what you think we should be writing about. Please send us news articles or story ideas, and we'll be happy to consider them for publication. We are also accepting guest posts on MoP, even if you need to publish anonymously!


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